neljapäev, 17. märts 2011

Palestiinlased mõrvasid Iisraeli perekonna

Siin seal ikka veel räägitakse kuidas Palestiina rahva õigusi on rikutud juutide poolt ja kui õnnetud on palestiinlased, kes kindlasti vajavad meie kaastunnet ja tuge. Meedia on sellele paljuski kaasa aidanud, moonutades uudiseid; veel enam, loonud palestiinlastest positiivse kuvandi, kellele juudid põhustavad kannatusi, kuid reaalne elu on vastupidine.

Hiljuti palestinlased tapsid brutaalselt Iisraeli perekonna Itmaris.

Kas leidsite Eesti meediast selle kohta ridagi? Kui ei, siis miks. Sündmus jõudis küll CNN uudistesse, kuid seda käsitleti kui juutide "oma süüd". Milles? Milles see perekond, isa, ema ja 3 lapst süüdi olid?!

Like everyone else, I have been shocked by the scenes from Japan and my heart goes out to the families of the victims, possibly tens of thousands who have disappeared, and the millions affected, for whom I have been praying. Having experienced earthquakes in California and a few minor ones in Israel, including a 7-point quake in 1994, I have a little knowledge of what happens during and after a natural disaster (days without electricity, without water, not sleeping indoors, damage to property). Of course, what the Japanese are now experiencing is exponentially worse than the Northridge quake I vividly remember. In the midst of the overwhelming news coverage of the quake, tsunami and nuclear danger (rightly so), another story about just 5 individuals has been ignored by some news outlets. Not all ignored it. Some distorted it. Some reported it in all its brutality.

It’s the story of the killing of five members of one family in Israel, the Fogel family of Itamar, Samaria, by Palestinian terrorists. CNN put the words terror attack in quotes, as if there was even a question as to whether it was terror or not. BBC’s report, true to BBC form, focused not on the victims or their brutal slaughter, but rather on the “settlements,” implying that ultimately the Israelis are responsible for such terror.

You may have seen more than you wanted to see in the media reports that you accessed. But just in case you did not, I am attaching below my text a link to a YouTube video. It’s absolutely horrific. You’ve been warned. If you decide to watch it, you’ll draw your own conclusions. This is not a news report. It is accompanied by somber music and meant to affect the viewer emotionally, as I was. That’s partly because two of the victims were the same ages as my children: Four years old and four months old.

This is not about voyeurism. It is important that people recognize the nature and capabilities of the enemy, something that world leaders repeatedly refuse (I didn’t say “fail”) to do. You just need to consider how many American and European leaders warmed up to Libya’s Kaddafi, knowing he was a brutal dictator even prior to his suppression of the current rebellion. It is also necessary to learn of the horrors of the Holocaust to honor the victims memory, but also to try to understand the nature of the perpetrators. Therefore, the photos attached.

The photos in the video show the victims while they were alive, and after they were killed. Parts of the faces have been blurred to protect (according to Jewish tradition) the honor of the victims. On the other hand, the release of the graphic photos was deemed a necessity, something to which surviving family members agreed. Again, this is absolutely horrific. You may choose to not watch it. That’s fine. I don’t think everyone can or should. Specific details of the attack are not included in the video. I will mention two though, which are so horrible as to probably make you not want to watch. In the video, the most gruesome details have been partially visually distorted on purpose. I know, I would probably have refused to watch if not for that fact. In fact, I delayed watching these photos and videos for a couple days. 1) The 4-year old boy was stabbed in the heart repeatedly. 2) The 4-month old baby’s throat was slashed.

You ask yourself how such a thing can be done by people. How can anyone slaughter a baby? I also ask how 1.5 million children could be gassed and massacred during the Holocaust. The Nazi spirit is alive even in our days and it’s frequently cloaked in a Muslim garb: 9/11, the Bali bombing, the Madrid bombing, the London Tube bombings, the Bombay Chabad House massacre, the Cairo Coptic Church bombing, and on and on.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not about territory. If it was, it could easily be solved. Consider this: If the Arabs would decide to put down their weapons unilaterally tonight, what would happen tomorrow (regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict)? There would be peace. If Israel would unilaterally put down its weapons tonight, what would there be tomorrow? Israel would be annihilated in gruesome fashion. There is something absolutely devilish about those who commit vicious murders as recorded in the video. No, we don’t all worship the same G-d. Certainly not the desert demon/moon god known as Allah to whom the murderous terrorists pray. And while I will always say that not all Arabs and Muslims are evil, and not all are capable of such gruesome acts as in the video, too many are, to wit the Muslim honor killings all over the USA and Europe, not to mention the massacres of Christians and other non-Muslims all over the Muslim world.

May the memory of these victims be for a blessing. G-d said that vengeance is His. So be it. May G-d avenge the atrocities that occurred in Itamar and many more around the world. May the eyes of the blind followers of Islamism be opened to the Truth.

(You may want to forward the video to acquaintances. If you do, an explicit warning as to graphic content is necessary. You may find links to other videos of the Fogel family victims if you can bear such horror. Some are more gruesome than even here. Those on YouTube may require signing in or registering in order to access them.)

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